Best dressed students
Kayser is the expert in student- and business costumes which fit perfectly and make your appearance complete during your studies. Choose your study programme and see what Kayser can do for you.

Clothing for students

Together with Saxion we have put together student costumes which is eminently suitable for your study programme with a modern and aesthetic appearance! You are completely free to purchase a clothing package elsewhere, provided that it is an exactly comparable one.

We, as Kayser Bedrijfskleding, go to your school and record your measurements, alter where needed the clothing and deliver the clothing package at Saxion in Apeldoorn or Deventer.

Our consultants record your measurements during the fitting session, give advice and decide on any necessary alterations. In this way, you will always look representative and you will always wear the right dress code at visits outside the school or during your internship.

The clothing package will be delivered at your school in a luxury garment bag. Furthermore, a washing bag is included. Together with the washing instructions and the washing bag you are able to clean the costume yourself and as a result, you will not have any dry cleaning costs.

We will like to welcome you during the fitting session at Saxion to provide you with a new and fresh costume! The dates of the fitting sessions in September will be announced by Saxion.

On behalf of team Kayser, we would like to see you there!

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