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Saxion clothing package

After the summer you will start the Bachelor's degree in Hospitality Business School (HBS) at Saxion in Deventer.

The Hotel Management programme of Saxion, together with Kayser Bedrijfskleding, has put together a high-quality clothing package for you. As a Saxion student, we can offer you this clothing package at a competitive price (around 10%-15% below the average market price). It is permitted to purchase a clothing package elsewhere, provided that it is an exactly comparable one.

The offer is as follows:


Skirt and/or trousers (Greiff)
Blazer with lapel (Greiff)
Blouse (LeDub)


Trousers (Greiff)
Jacket (Greiff)
Shirt (LeDub)

We can entertain the clothing and are supplied at cost price.

You will receive the matching Saxion green shawl/tie from the programme. The suit is from the brand Greiff, ‘Modern’ series, in the colour dark blue with a white shirt/blouse ( The suit can be washed in the washing machine at home, which means you will save on any dry cleaning costs.

Fitting and paying for the clothing package

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Delivery of the clothing package

The clothing package will be delivered at Saxion by Kayser. In case you have question, do not hesitate to contact us by sending an e-mail to

Quitting the study programme

If you have purchased the suit and want stop or do not start with the programme, mail directly to This is extremely important, since Saxion is not responsible for informing us that you will quit or will not start. Only unsuspended, unworn clothing with original labels can be returned after consultation with us. We will charge some administration costs.

We would like to see you during the fitting sessions!
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