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Washing instructions

Costume parts

(Trousers, blazer, Colbert, waistcoat, dress)

All our costumes are made out of a woolen fabric. Nevertheless, you are able to wash them at home; inside out, preferably in a washing bag. Solely with a wool detergent with a wool wash programme! NOT with a soft/delicate detergent. Afterwards, drying on a clothing hanger. Do not put the items into the dryer!

Wool wash programme

Do not bleach

Do not tumble dry

Iron lukewarm

Blouses and shirts

Wash the blouses or shirts carefully with a white wash detergent. Wash them inside out to prevent fading of the colours and damaging of the fibers. Afterwards, hang them. After drying iron. Do not put the items into the dryer!


Do not bleach

Do not tumble dry

Iron lukewarm


For washing woolen items, use solely wool detergent. This way, your costume will last longer. Pay attention: a soft/delicate detergent is not a wool detergent! For white blouses/shirts, use white wash detergent.

Fabric softener

Fabric softener damages the fibers and causes the clothes to wear down faster. Preferably, do not use fabric softener.

Maintainance of the washing machine

Run your washing machine at the highest setting once a month. This is often 95 degrees. Let the washing machine run with a bit of detergent but with no clothes in the drum. This ensures that all the dirt in your washing machine disappears, your washing machine will last longer and white clothing does not become gray.

Use of the tumble dryer

The costume items will get damaged and shrink because of the fast running of the dryer. Therefore, we advice you to not put your costume in the dryer. 

If you want to extend the lifetime of your clothes, we advice you to dry your clothes in a natural way. Lying or on a drying rack.

Washing instructions for washing costumes at home

Look at the YouTube instruction video below:

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